relativistic electronic structure calculations for molecules and clusters
kintech lab
 superheavy elements 
 rpp basis sets 
relativistic intermediate hamiltonians
transition property calculations
petersburg nuclear physics institute

Comparative study of electronic structure of simple diatomics comprising element 112 (eka-Hg) and Hg (Zaitsevskii et al. 2006; Mosyagin et al. 2006 (click to see the presentation, pdf); Zaitsevskii et al. 2006-2 (click to see the presentation, pdf))
Relativistic pseudopotential / two-component DFT calculations on interactions of eka-Hg and eka-Pb with gold clusters (Rykova et al. 2006, Rykova et al. 2006-2 (click to see the poster, html),Zaitsevskii et al. 2009, Zaitsevskii et al. 2010 b)
Gaussian basis set generation for electronic structure calculations on superheavy element compounds
Application of combined computational schemes (scalar-relativistic ab initio "wavefunction" many-body methods + spin-orbit corrections evaluated at the DFT level) in SHE chemistry (Zaitsevskii et al. 2006, Zaitsevskii et al. 2010 a)

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